Why Product teams benefit from Unleash

Unleash makes it easier for you as a Product team to be in control when creating software and new features. E.g. Unleash makes it possible for you to

  • get closer to important customers
  • don’t lose revenue because of a software issue
  • your business can release independently from the development
  • take control of your business campaigns
  • enable A/B experiments

Get closer to important customers

Want to have a close conversation with some of your important customers? Do some of your customers have stronger opinions on your product than others?

Unleash allows you to easily pre-release features to a defined group of users. It’s easy to create and set up an ‘Early-adopters’-program in close cooperation with your most important customers by giving them access to a new feature of your software before everyone else. You can collect feedback from your early adopters and improve your feature before releasing it to all customers.

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Don’t lose revenue because of a software issue

Software is the heart of most businesses and sometimes software issues causing a stop in business which means lost revenue.

With Unleash, you have full control of the rollout when you release a new feature or a new version of the software in your critical business applications.

By using the Unleash rollout feature you can reduce the business impact of issues and avoid the big bang. Activate the new software for 1% or 10% of your customers, look at the impact, make sure it performs well, before release to all – or turn it off and improve, if you identify issues.

Unleash Gradual rollout strategies allows you to validate the quality before you continue deploying your software updates.

The business can release independently from the development

Did the development team complete the User story, but the feature is not yet at the level you want it to be?

You can decide to release now as an MVP or you can wait, while the team continues to improve the feature. Using Unleash you decide when the feature is available to the customers.

Take control of your business campaigns

Create a campaign and decide when you want it to be available. Maybe the campaign is a pure marketing campaign or maybe it has dependencies to a new feature in your software.

With Unleash the team can implement the feature without dependencies to the release and you can decide whether you want it to be visible to customers before or as part of the campaign.

In other words – with Unleash you decide the general availability of the new feature and the start of your campaign – fully independent of the development team.

With Unleash you are in control.

Enable A/B/n experiments

Unleash allows you to easily enable A/B/n experiments for the new version of your software or your new feature. In the Unleash management tool, you get an easy overview of your A/B/n tests and it is easy to decide the split between the A and B.

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