Deploy new features at incredible speed

Ship code safely to production in frequent smaller releases to control new feature rollouts and reduce cost, time, and risk.
Open source feature flags to decouple deployment from release.

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#1 Open-Source Feature Flag Management

Faster experiments. Fewer procedures

Test and try out new features confidently. Gradual rollouts allow you to mitigate risks by enabling new features to 1% of users and then expanding.

Why Unleash?

More deployments, more security. Less overhead, more creativity.

Feature flag Management solution built with privacy, simplicity, and flexibility in mind, Unleash lets developers drive the innovation of your business.

  • Wherever you host software: we’re there

    Multi-region hosting means you can decide to host your instances anywhere in the world, giving you unmatched freedom, flexibility, safety, and speed.

  • Everything we do is context-aware

    You don’t need to store or process sensitive private data from your users or their devices. This means you can segment, target, and test at will — all while respecting user privacy.

  • Play it safely with our proxy

    Quicker and more secure, the Unleash proxy connects to your client-side apps in a way that keeps sensitive data where it belongs. No leaks and nothing to slow down your business or your user experience.


Your safety comes second to none

First things first: you can let your developers play around while taking safety seriously.
They can drive innovation. We’ll keep your business and your customers safe.

  • Privacy matters

    We never need or ask for access to any of your customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII). You don’t have to share sensitive information, and we’ll never leak it.

  • Playing by the rules

    We are GDPR and Schrems II compliant by default: focus on developing software without disrespecting user rights.

  • The Power of the Proxy

    The Unleash extension that is always by your side. You can access all our feature toggles, without us needing access to any of your end-user data.


We make the complex simple

Built by developers for developers. It provides simple and intuitive feature management to keep your feature flags organized, under control, and easy to use.

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  • You'll be up and running in minutes

    It’s quick and easy to set up. Get started in 2 steps with the functionality you need to improve software delivery workflow.

  • Toggle features on/off with ease

    Simple and intuitive management of your feature flags across all your environments, applications, and services.

  • Faster release, faster feedback

    Run experiments easily to get immediate learnings. Release features whenever they’re ready, and disable them if something goes wrong.

  • Scale as swiftly as your business grows

    Easily scale to meet your business needs with centrally managed feature flags.


Transparency builds trust, so we build transparently

Being open-source means we have a transparent development process. You get full insight into every change that goes into Unleash.

  • Try before you buy

    Unleash has an open-source and free feature management solution. If you love what you see, you can upgrade to our Pro or Enterprise plans.

  • 17 million downloads and counting

    Our open-source software has been downloaded, built and reviewed by millions of users.

  • A simple, transparent pricing plan

    Our prices are easy to justify: choose the plan that fits your needs. No hidden charges. No strings attached. No hassle. No pricing based on MAU.

  • Setting you free with no lock-in contracts

    We strive to keep our customers happy, not locked in. If you’re ever unhappy with our product, you can leave at any time or even fall back to our open-source version.


We help you build flexibly

Lets any developer and development team take out all constraints with feature flags. We give you the flexible, versatile platform to test and create anything you want, whatever your needs and use cases.

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Pick a plan.

Hosted, or self-hosted: it’s your call. It’s quick and easy to set up. Get started in 2 steps with the functionality you need to improve your software delivery workflow.

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