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Open source

Flexible, versatile and ready for your unique needs

Open source

Everyone is unique. Ensure your development platform adapts to you, and not force you to adapt to the tool. Unleash is open source because we believe this provides our customers with freedom.

  • No vendor lock-in

    Take back control of your platform - fall back to open source if needed.

  • Transparency

    Unleash is developed in full transparency. Participate in conversations with the team during specifications, share your feedback during implementation. Do you have a great feature not yet available - you are welcome to contribute back

  • Just get started

    Unleash open source is fully featured. Download our docker container and get started in minutes. No need for procurement or purchase approval - just get started right away.

  • Secure

    The Unleash source code is inspected and reviewed by developers across the globe. This level of code review is unique

Flexible deployments

Choose your preferred deployment and get started in minutes

Flexible deployment

Unleash Open source is available as a docker container, or click-to-deploy in Heroku and Digital ocean. Choose your preferred deployment and get started in minutes.

Get Started


Inspect our code and engage in our public roadmap to build confidence

feature toogle

Anything that goes into your application requires high level of confidence. Being open source - allows you to inspect the Unleash SDKs, our protocol and our server side

Get Started

A solution for you

Hosted by us or operated by you: your choice. No complex setup or configuration required, with the simplicity and reliability developed over 10+ years.

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