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Private. Secure. Powerful. Scalable. Open. Find out what open-source feature flag management can do.

Why engineers love Unleash

Unleash is built to give users like you a ton of flexibility: Hosting options, private instances, multi-region support, and open-source freedom.

Plus it's easier on the wallet.

  • Flexible hosting options

    Self-hosted, hosted, or hybrid. Whatever you choose, your user data stays with you.

  • Extensible architecture

    Because it's open-source, Unleash smoothly adapts to any technology stack, deployment methodology, or infrastructure.

  • Cost-effective and simple pricing

    Unleash is priced per seat without usage restrictions. The price model of Unleash remains the same no matter how you scale.

  • Built for enterprise

    Unleash offers secure, flexible, and scalable private instances, ensuring data privacy and residency, with customizable configurations, multi-region deployment, and efficient resource management.

How we look side-by-side



Simple Pricing

Free for self-hosted

Pricing is based on user seats for hosted

No additional fees.

Based on MAU

In addition to seats,  pricing is based on MAU

Experimentation and add-ons extra

Platform fee

Feature Flagging 

Decouple deployment from the release of features, turn on/off features

Advanced Targeting

Enable a feature for specific users or enable it for a small subset of users

Unlimited Feature Flags

Unlimited Environments



SDKs for every major language

+25 SDKs

+25 SDKs


Jira, Gitlab, Datadog, Slack, MS Teams, Webhook

50+, including Amazon Kinesis, Azure DevOps, and Google Cloud

Scheduled Feature releases

Technical Debt management

The entire codebase of Unleash is open-source, allowing the community to report, track, and close any security issues.


Scalable, Resilient and high-performance Proxy to connect

Limited scalability, privacy and resilience

SDKs Local Evaluation

Client SDK performs a local evaluation of feature flags, None of your  PII data leaves your application.

Client SDKs always send data outside your app for evaluation.

Security & Compliance

SOC-2 Type 2, GDPR, Schrem II, EU/US Privacy Shield


The entire codebase is fully transparent. Ability to fix the bug or implement the needed feature independently of the vendor


Self-hosted option

 Hosted option


Private hosted Instance  SAAS

A unique setup for each customer, with separate instances, namespaces, and databases.

Hosting in the preferred region (EU or US)

You can choose where we host your instance

Multiple hosting options

Hybrid setup (on-prem, saas, open source)

Data residency (multi-region)

Run multiple instances in different regions.

Export Feature Flags

Exporting all flags from one region to another

Flag triggers

Configure triggers to automatically enable or disable flags based on performance metrics, such as when the CPU reaches a specific threshold.

The REST API provided by Unleash enables the possibility of achieving nearly identical functionality.

Feature flags 4-eyes approvals

Enforce 4-eyes principle for feature flag change request

Change Request Flow 

Configure Change request approval flow per project or environment. 

Users and Permissions Management

Create custom user roles and user groups. Manage their permission.

Project’s notifications

Get updates in the Admin UI when certain events occur in projects that you are part of.

Custom Role-based access control

Exporting all flags from one region to another

Streaming architecture


Unleash advises against using streaming due to complexity, performance impact, reliability concerns, scalability limitations, and focuses on simplicity and reliability for feature flagging.

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