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Plans created for scale

Flexible deployment

Unleash fits your language, your hosting needs, your work process, your business and your budget with simple pricing plan.

Pick the plan that suits you and sign up. No credit card required and the first 14 days are free. So why not try it out today?

First 14 days free

Open Source

Basic feature management solution hosted by you



  • Canary release (Gradual rollout)
  • On/Off
  • Targeted release
  • Experimentation (A/B testing)
  • Kill switches
  • 2 available environments
  • Hosted by you
  • Community support


Your team get access to the full version managed by us


includes 5 team members


  • Everything from Open Source
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Custom activation strategy
  • 3 available projects
  • Support within 1 business day
  • Capped at 20 team members
  • Managed by us
  • SLA 99.90%


Includes SSO, managed by us or Self-hosted

Let’s talk

unlimited team members


  • Everything from Pro
  • Single-Sign-On e.g. Azure AD, Okta, SAML2.0
  • Role based access control
  • Unlimited environments
  • Unlimited projects
  • Managed by us or Self-hosted
  • Enterprise support
  • Premium support available
  • SOC2 report available upon request
  • SLA 99.99%

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Overview of Plan Features

Basic feature management solution hosted by youFree
Pricing and usage limitations
Monthly subscriptionFree
Buy extra team member 
Max seats 
Number of running unleash-clusters 
Feature toggle use cases
Canary release/Gradual rollout
Targeted release
Kill switches
Advanced segmentation (Strategy constraints) 
Custom stickyness 
Flexible platform
Custom activation strategy
Addons framework
Run in self-hosted or managed (SaaS)Only self-hosted
Admin APIs
Single sign onDIY
Role based access control 
Audit log
Technical debt management
Technical debt dashboard
Set category on a feature toggle
Mark a feature toggle as stale
Signal “stale-on” and “stale-off” event
Security & Privacy
Privacy by design
Dedicated API-keys for admin-API access 
Client SDK’s
SOC2 report 
Organization of feature toggles
Typed Tags
Project support 
Environment support
Out-of-box supported integrations
Generic webhook
Microsoft Teams
Jira data center 
SLA & Support
Committed up-timen/a
Committed response time from Unleash teamnone
Support channelsCommunity
Platinum support 
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