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How Microsoft Keep Engineers Happy and Productive in the Age of Hybrid Work

Microsoft Webinar with Brian Houck about Developers Productivity
Microsoft is investing in employee well-being to improve productivity during remote and hybrid work. Discover practical methods for measuring and optimizing productivity while taking a human-centered approach.
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Building Stronger Engineering Teams with Team Topologies: Lessons from Docker's Journey

Jean-Laurent de Morlhon, Vice President Of Software Engineering at Docker
Docker is obsessed with its developers and dedicated to its unique culture. As Docker has grown, so has the need to revamp how its developers work together. Find out how adjusting team topologies made a huge impact on collaboration and developer productivity.
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Future-proof engineering: How Visma learned to love continuous development

Mili Orucevic
Metrics shape how your company performs, but they don't mean much unless your entire team is involved. Learn how Visma evolved its engineering culture to embrace continuous development and discover what it really means to be "future-proof."
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Quality code, fast delivery: You can have it all

Codescene’s Adam will lead you on a journey through the impact of code quality on time-to-market and product experience. Join to find out why high-quality code actually enables fast software delivery.
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From the bottom up: Transforming Medidata with DevOps and simplicity

Erik Johs took on integrating DevOps culture into a huge organization using a bottom-up approach.
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From 4 releases a year to 1 every other minute

Find out how Norway’s largest public agency transformed their software development process, their way of organizing work, and how they embraced continuous improvement along the way.
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DevOps best practices

Feature management is simple. That's a good thing.
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Digital transformation at high speed

Most businesses today are in the middle of a digital transformation, their customers expect digital, seamless, and adaptive solutions for them. We believe that the businesses that will be tomorrow’s winners in this game are those that are able to innovate and learn at a high speed. The question is how to stay in control […]