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A selection of users talk about their challenges and how they used Unleash to meet them.


Wayfair Scales Innovation and Saves Millions with Unleash Feature Management

wayfair case study
Wayfair leveraged Unleash's scalable feature management to save millions annually, streamline developer productivity, and seamlessly handle peak traffic demands.

Wayfair case study


How Pitch’s engineers got back their time for creativity

Through adopting feature flags and more frequent software updates, Pitch was able to reduce its amount of hotfixes by 75 percent. But how?
Pitch case study

Total Wine & More

How Total Wine & More 
blended security and control with experimentation, 
on its own terms

Total Wine & More Case Study
Total Wine & More used Unleash's flexibility to adopt an experimental release culture, while at the same time meeting critical needs for both security and control.
Total Wine & More case study


How Storebrand uses feature management to kickstart collaboration

Storebrand Mobile App
Storebrand's developer teams have a streamlined and efficient way to govern their feature flags. This gives them a lot more time to focus on delivering value to their customers.
Storebrand case study

Simply Wall Street

How Simply Wall Street uses feature flags to deliver sleek 
and accessible analytics

Simply Wall Street
By shifting to a more streamlined solution, Simply Wall St. can now run more experiments in faster loops, simplify their codebase, and enable their teams to spend more time on the things that matter.
Simply Wall St. case study


How Eika uses feature management to balance 
speed with regulation

Eika Case Study
With feature flags, Eika is able continuously test new features with little deployment hassle. Bonus: They use feature flags to streamline their change management and regulatory compliance processes.
Eika case study


How Talentech uses feature flags to kickstart coordination across the HR talent journey

Talentech was able to use Unleash to streamline its development process. One of its teams moved from a release cycle of once per quarter to a new release every week. How did they do it?
Talentech case study

How feature management became a core part of the way Vizlib develops–and audits–software

Vizlib is using Unleash Feature Flags to develops software
Vizlib uses Unleash to introduce a feature flag management solution for faster time-to-market, better data insights, and streamlined auditing and reporting.
Vizlib Case Study

How Yousician uses Unleash to find consistency in its A/B test targeting

Unleash has become a critical tool for Yousician's A/B testing. Yousician uses Unleash for consistency across its music learning platform so their users receive the same experience across various touchpoints. Find out how.
Yousician Case Study

From Days to Done: Unleash Rust SDK Powers Cognite Innovation

Learn how Cognite built Unleash's Rust SDK in just days, unlocking feature flag benefits for their team and inspiring wider adoption across the company.
Cognite Case Study

Deploy at ludicrous speed

Switch from all-or-nothing releases to safe continuous deployments. Cut down on risk and improve quality control. All on a flexible, private instance, privacy-first foundation.