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Life is what happens to you when you are building your own feature flagging solution – John Lennon *maybe

Considering building your own feature flag solution? In the vast sea of software development, the siren song of custom solutions can often be alluring. Tailoring systems precisely to your specifications is appealing, but when it comes to feature flags this path might be a taller mountain than you think.

The allure of custom-crafted code might be powerful, but so are the reasons to think twice about diving into these waters unprepared. Join us as we chart a course through the intricacies of feature flags, and discover why sometimes the safest passage is to rely on the expertise of those who’ve navigated these waters before.

Ask yourself, how many hours of my developers time can I budget to make our own feature toggle solution?

… It’s a bit more complex than you might think.



We live and breathe feature flags, so you can focus on building your brand’s best. Why divert your top-notch developers to recreate what we’ve perfected?

Feature flags. That’s our game. Pure and simple.

Biggest Objection

You might be wondering: “Can I trust Unleash with my intricate enterprise setup that’s currently going through a complex modernization process?” With more than 20 million open-source downloads, 9k Github stars, and an increasing number of enterprise customers, we’ve heard plenty of success stories but also some doubts. It is important that we understand our customer’s pain and encourage them to share their stories. No matter if you’re a cloud native hipster or a traditional enterprise we can walk in your shoes.

Case Study

Don’t just take our word for it—listen to what our happy customers have to say instead:

“What appealed to us about Unleash was the central control via the Admin Console, as well as the security posture of running the entire infrastructure under our own architecture and standards” – Jason Crow Total Wine & More

If you want reassurance that you’re in good company with Unleash, you can check out our case studies or visit our homepage to see some of our customer logos.

Risk Reversal

If you’re interested in trying out Unleash, you can visit our demo. There’s no obligation and no need to speak with a sales team—you can explore at your own pace. Should you choose to upgrade to our enterprise solution and later find that it’s either unaffordable or not what you need, you can easily switch back to our open-source version with its basic features.


You might be wondering,

“Why should I choose Unleash when there are other feature flag solutions out there?”

While it’s true that most vendors offer similar basic features, here’s what sets us apart:
– Simple Pricing: You don’t need a PhD in math to figure out our pricing—it’s as straightforward as multiplication.
– Transparency: We operate openly. You can see our developers’ commits embodying Linus’s Law “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.”
– On-Premises Option: We offer the ability to run Unleash on your own premises, giving you complete control in highly regulated industries.
– Data Privacy: Your data stays on your side and not in our hands. We let you mind your own business.

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