🚀 Unleash brings powerful Constraints feature to OSS users. 

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Get help with Unleash

If you’re a paid customer, you can request support for an incident or submit your questions using our Help Center

If you prefer sending your request via email, please use: support@getunleash.io

Detailed information will solve your issue faster

When describing the issue try to be as specific as possible e.g:

  1. Have you made any modifications to the Unleash source code?
  2. What specific operation/action were you performing when the problem occurred? 
  3. What did you expect to happen after performing the action?
  4. What actually happened (that didn’t match your expectations)?
  5. Are there any other details about your configuration that seem relevant to this problem (ex: strategies, environments, projects, users)?
  6. What were the last steps you took before the problem occurred?

Advantages of using the Unleash support

You'll get a Unique request ID (ticket number) for each incident for easy reference and you'll receive status updates and resolution information on each reported issue independently



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