We are Unleash

We make life easy for developers

Software development is one of the most fascinating spaces to work in. Software developers like you are, as a whole, innovative, creative, and curious. We know you thrive when you’re able to tap into those strengths. Source: We’re developers too. We build the tools we would love to use for ourselves. We empower developers with the tools, knowledge, and aspirations they need to keep their work simple. At the same time, we help free up your task list so you can deliver awesome software quickly and often. Bottom line: We want developers to have a better life because Unleash exists.

Our story

In early 2015, CTO Ivar Østhus launched Unleash on GitHub as an open-source project in the niche feature management space. As Unleash grew in popularity on the platform, Ivar and his brother Egil Østhus officially established the company in 2019. We’re based in Oslo, which means we are built in a way that prioritizes privacy, efficiency, and user empathy, from the ground up. Not even five years later, we’ve evolved into an enterprise product that somehow has kept everything that makes Unleash great: private, powerful, scalable, and, most importantly, open.

Where we’re going

When we say “developer,” we’re really speaking to a community made of folks who touch development in some way or another. The world is changing, as it does. This time we think the concept of a “developer” is changing along with it. The end point? A future where everyone can be a developer. Where if you can think it, you can create it. Where everyone has the tools they need to build products no matter their background. We think Unleash can and will be one of those tools. That’s our vision. We’re super stoked to help make it happen.

Our values

Being a remote first company we believe in a diverse, supportive and collaborative culture.
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  • Trust

    We are one team – we trust each other by cheering for our successes and by always being there to support when needed.

  • Speed

    We want to move fast. Which means that we deliver quality products without striving for perfection before collecting feedback.

  • Experimental

    We want to deliver a world-class, innovative product. To achieve that, we need to be willing to try out different ideas and to learn, evolve, and adapt.

  • Fun

    We want to have a culture where there is room to have fun and to enjoy ourselves, but we also recognize that there is a time to be serious.

  • Transparency

    We believe that open and honest communication with our users, customers, employees creates an atmosphere of collective collaboration which allows us to learn and make better decisions and reach our goals.

Where to find us

Unleash is a distributed first workplace. You can find us in Norway, the US, Europe, and Africa. Our headquarters is in Oslo, right around the corner from the royal palace. If you’re in town, say hei!

  • Oslo

    Bricks Software AS Edvard Storms gate 2, 0166 Oslo

  • Palo Alto

    Bricks Software Inc. 2345, Yale Street, Palo Alto, California 94306

Our investors

We’re backed by the leading investors including Spark Capital with participation from Frontline Ventures, Firstminute Capital, Alliance Venture and Arkwright X.

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