Why devops benefits from Unleash

Unleash makes it easier for you as a Product team to be in control when creating software and new features. E.g. Unleash makes it possible for you to

  • simplify a steady stream of releases after the end of the sprint
  • simplify version control
  • strengthen the Definition of done
  • enable kill-switches

Simplify a steady stream of releases after the end of the sprint

Didn’t complete all the user stories by end of the sprint? Unleash allows you to hide the uncompleted ones from your customers.

  • Avoid delaying the release by a sprint
  • Avoid complex branches in the source code

Read more about how to stream releases after the end of the sprint here

Simplify version control

Ever faced the challenge of not being able to refactor – simply because you don’t know how it will affect feature branches?

Unleash allows you to minimize long-lived feature branches. Why does it matter?

  • Simply because multiple changes across branches don’t fit together
  • Merging those branches is complex and is time-consuming – time you would like to spend elsewhere

Strengthen the Definition of done

A user story should not be “done” before it is available in production, right? But when is the feature you are building ready to be exposed to your customer?

Unleash allows you to honor both. The team is able to validate the user story, the Product owner stays in control of when to make the feature generally available.


Enable kill-switches

Dependent on flaky 3rd party integration? Parts of the code that might badly impact the performance of your service? Make sure to take control by applying kill-switches

Unleash makes it easy to enable kill switches in your application.

Read more about how to use kill switches here

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