Unleash 4.8: metrics and code quality

We released Unleash 4.8 this past Friday, and we’re rolling it out to our hosted customers as we speak (or rather: as I type). If you’re self-hosting Unleash, you can go and grab the new version right away! We’ve done some serious behind-the-scenes cleanup, but the hottest new thing in this release is the new feature flag metrics visualization 🔥

More metrics, more graphs

We want to make it easier for you to understand how your users interact with Unleash. We have stored usage metrics for the last 48 hour period for a while, but haven’t exposed them in the UI before. Unleash 4.8 changes that.

Each feature flag has a dedicated metrics tab that we have completely revamped: Previously, the tab contained a pie chart for each environment. Each pie chart would show you how many times a feature had been requested and how many times it had been exposed in the last hour.

The new version of the tab sports a line graph showing the number of times a feature has been exposed, the number of times it wasn’t exposed, and the total number of requests. You can select whether the graph should cover the last 48 hours, the last 24 hours, or just the last hour. Use the environment and application controls to further refine your search and display only what you’re looking for.

Additionally, Unleash lists the raw numbers below the graph for a quick overview of how much traffic you’re getting.

A line chart titled "requests in the last 48 hours". It graphs usage metrics with three separate lines for "exposed", "not exposed", and "total requests". There's three cards underneath the graph listing the raw numbers: how many times was the toggle exposed in the last 48 hours, what percentage of requests got exposed to the toggle, and what was the total number of requests.

Of course, we’re not removing any of the other existing metrics visualizations. You’ll still get the pie chart on the feature flag overview page.

A feature toggle execution summary card. On the right-hand side there's a pie chart showing how the share of recent requests that had the toggle exposed, giving you at-a-glance metrics visualization.

With this, you can now both get a quick overview of how the flags have been performing in the last hour and take a deeper dive into how its usage has evolved over the last 24 or 48 hours.

Code quality and cleanup

We preach code quality at Unleash (that’s why we have a dedicated technical debt dashboard in the admin UI), and sometimes you gotta practice what you preach: In this release cycle, we landed a number of PRs that reduced the size of the admin UI codebase by almost 8,000 lines!

This was the culmination of a long-running effort to simplify the front-end codebase. Removing unnecessary dependencies and simplifying application architecture always feels great!

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