Unleash 5.12: Application view, context field search, and increased metrics retention.

Unleash 5.12 is out! This month we’ve made dependent variants more capable, and made progress towards making our API tokens compliant with RFC 9110.

You can find the complete release notes on GitHub.

New: More powerful A/B tests with dependent flag variants

Sometimes one feature flag will depend on another (e.g. enable this flag only if this other flag exists).  We call these dependent flags. Now, dependent feature flags can also depend on flag variants. 

This gives you more power when doing A/B testing. Rather than only depending on two states (the parent flag is either on or off) you can depend on a variant, which gives you an infinite number of possibilities.


There are now 3 options when selecting a parent feature’s value:

  • enabled
  • disabled
  • enabled with variants

You can choose multiple values from the variant, so get as creative or detailed as you want.


Improved: API Tokens can be bearer tokens

Our API tokens can now use bearer tokens, and we are on track to become compliant with HTTP RFC 9110 in the future, which will make your security team happy.

We now support a new bearer prefix, instead of using a colon. In other words, any of our API tokens can be bearer tokens by prefixing them with “Bearer ”. We will continue to support the old separator.

Thanks for reading.


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