Unleash 5.11: Application view, context field search, and increased metrics retention.

Unleash 5.11 is out! In this release, we added the ability to see connected applications within your project, improved the UI when working with custom context fields, and we increased flag metrics retention to 3 months of data.

You can find the complete release notes on GitHub.

New: Keep your applications healthy

There is a new “Applications” tab that allows you to quickly identify outdated SDKs in your connected applications and make it faster to fix them. This means you can have a healthier apps! For each of these, it shows you:

  • Name of the application
  • Environments that it connected to
  • Instances connected
  • SDKs and their versions

You can read more about this in the docs.



Improved: context fields are easier to use

We’ve made it simpler and easier to use custom context fields, especially ones with a long list of predefined legal values. You can now quickly select all and search for specific values by legal value or name.

This will be much faster and easier to use, and help reduce mistakes.

Improved: Metrics

Unleash Enterprise users now have feature flag metrics for 90 days. Previously, those metrics were only accessible for the past 48 hours. The drop-down menu allows you to specify a custom time period to look at the metrics for.


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