Pair Programming

What is pair programming?

Pair programming is a software development technique in which two developers work together, when one person writes code and the other reviews each written line. The person writing the code is called the “driver,” while the person reviewing it is known as the “navigator.”

Benefits of pair programming

  • It allows real-time code review and feedback, which can help to identify and fix bugs or errors more quickly, 
  • It is a good way to share knowledge and skills within a team, as the two developers can learn from each other and share their expertise at the spot,
  • It increases productivity, as the two developers can work together to solve problems and come up with ideas more quickly than they could individually, and finally
  • It improves the overall code quality, since it allows for more thorough testing and debugging.

Pair programming is often used in agile software development techniques, such as Extreme Programming (XP) in case of small and medium-sized “high-risk projects”. It can be an effective way to develop software in a collaborative and supportive environment. Moreover, it can also be done remotely, as remote pair programming, using tools such as video conferencing software.

This approach can also be useful for training new developers or for working on complex tasks that require the expertise of multiple team members. However, the pair programming is not appropriate for all situations and it may not be the most efficient option in certain cases. 

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