Feature flags for Java

Unleash works with any platform, service, or application

If there is no client for your language, just let us know. We and our developer community will be happy to help you with the client you need.

The Unleash feature flag management platform is a new class of software development tool designed to make software deployment and rollup more effective and easier. It is designed for developers and software development teams, so it works with most popular programming languages, such as Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, or Rust

However, thanks to Unleash’s open source approach and the large community of developers that support the project, we are able to help you with clients for almost any platform or service. 

Unleash also provides clients for Android, IOS Proxy, JavaScript, React Proxy, Svelte Proxy, or Vue Proxy SD, which means our feature management solution will work on almost any desktop, website, or mobile application. 

Feature flags in Java give you full control over the development of Java applications, so you can deploy them faster and reduce risk 

With Unleash, it’s not only possible to turn feature flags in Java on and off instantly without redeploying the Java application, but you can also release a feature to specific users or a small group of users. To do this, Unleash uses activation strategies, the simplest of which is the standard strategy of releasing the feature to everyone.

For implementing feature flags, Unleash has a number of custom and built-in strategies, that are implemented on the client-side. This means that sharing a feature is only up to you, and that any personal information related to selecting a user group for which the feature is enabled never leaves your side of the application.

Unleash is developed with strict privacy policies in mind

In addition to custom strategies, you can also use one of the following built-in strategies to implement feature flags in Java:

  • Standard
  • Gradual roll out
  • Gradual roll out with custom stickiness
  • User ID
  • IP
  • Hostname

They allow you to toggle feature flags in Java to run A/B testing or roll out small releases of Java applications to select groups of users. 

The Java Unleash client also provides basic metrics and a client registration that lets you collect data during A/B testing and experimentation to better understand the needs of your application users and deliver applications tailored to their expectations.

With the versatility and flexibility of feature flags in Java, Unleash gives you full control over Java application testing. This allows you to determine not only which version of the Java application being A/B tested is better in the eyes of the targeted user population, but also what improvements they need. 

A/B testing and experimentations with Java applications are powerful strategies that allow you to identify problems and limit their impact on end users.

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