Feature flags for Python

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A feature toggle is a technique used in modern software development to test software features on select groups of users before rolling out the Python application to the general public. Feature flags in Python are used to hide, enable or disable the feature during the development process.

Feature flags in Python are essentially variables used in conditional statements. However, Unleash takes feature flags in Python to a higher level and makes their use easy, friendly, and effective in most popular programming languages, such as Python, Java, Node.js, PHP, Go, Ruby, or Rust and platforms such as Android, IOS Proxy, JavaScript, React Proxy, Svelte Proxy, or Vue Proxy SD. This makes it possible to implement feature flags in Python on almost any desktop, website, or mobile application

With feature flags in Python you can roll out Python application faster and reduce risk significantly

With Unleash feature flags in Python, you can easily release new software to production by enabling/disabling selected features at any time with a set of custom and built-in strategies. 

Strategies associated with feature flags in Python allow you to gradually rollout Python application features to a select group of users for A/B testing and experimentation. You can also use custom strategies to implement feature flags based on defined constraints, segmentation, and user stickiness.

Strategy constraints are detailed conditions, such as operating system, geographic region, email addresses user ID, IP, or other attributes that must be met to toggle feature flags in Python. User stickiness is the parameter that guarantees that the same feature will be enabled for the same user on each iteration.

Apart from custom strategies, you can use one of the following built-in strategies: Standard, Gradual roll out or Gradual roll out with custom stickiness, User ID, IP, or Hostname to implement feature flags in Python

Strategies allow you to use feature flags for A/B testing and experimentation, or to deploy small releases of Python applications to select groups of users. 

Unleash strategies are a versatile and flexible tool that allows you to implement and use feature flags in Python applications making this complex task simple

Unleash feature flag management platform gives you full control over feature flags in Python when testing a Python application, but it also allows you to:

  • determine which version of the Python application is rated better by users in A/B tests 
  • understand expectations of Python application users 
  • understand what improvements are needed in the Python application 
  • provide features that are tailored to needs of the user


Unleash feature flags in Python allow you to limit the impact of identified issues on end users and enterprise KPIs


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