Feature flags for Go

Unleash can be used not only to implement feature flags with Go, but also with any other service, platform, or application

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With Unleash feature flags in Go, you can easily release new Go application to production by enabling/disabling selected features at any time using custom and built-in strategies. 

Feature flags are a modern software development technique for A/B testing new or updated features on select groups of users before making them available to the general public. Feature flags in Go are used to hide, enable or disable features during the software development process.

Feature flags are essentially variables that have been used in if-else statements for years. However, modern feature management solutions, like Unleash, take feature flags in Go to a new level, making them a simple and intuitive tool for complete control over the deployment of new Go application features and updates to a select group of end users. 

More importantly, you can implement feature flags in most popular programming languages, such as Go, Python, Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, or Rust and platforms such as Android, IOS Proxy, JavaScript, React Proxy, Svelte Proxy, or Vue Proxy SD. 

Feature flags in Go allow you to deploy Go applications faster and significantly reduce risk

With Unleash, you can easily turn feature flags in Go on and off and enable small releases of Go application to specific user groups for A/B testing and experimentation with activation strategies. 

Unleash uses a number of custom and built-in strategies, with the simplest strategy being the standard one, which allows the feature to be enabled for everyone. 

The strategies are implemented on the client-side, which means that releasing a feature depends only on you and that personal information associated with a user group for which the feature is enabled never leaves your side of the application. 

Unleash strategies are a versatile and flexible tool that allows you to roll out Go application faster and more effectively

The Unleash feature flag management platform provides full control over the Go application in the context of A/B testing, allowing you to: 

  • select the Go application version that is better rated by users in A/B testing 
  • understand user expectations 
  • provide features that are tailored to user needs and
  • understand what improvements are needed 

Unleash feature flags in Go allow you to limit the impact of potential issues on end users and business KPIs


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