Canary Deployment

What is a canary deployment?

In the context of software development and deployment, a canary is a small group of users or systems used to test a new version of a software before it is deployed to the entire user base. 

Canary deployment involves releasing a new version of the software to the canary group, while the old version is still in use by the remaining users. This allows the a canary version to be tested in a live production environment before being deployed to all users.

During the canary deployment, the performance and behavior of the canary releases are closely monitored, and if problems occur, the deployment can be stopped and the old version restored. However, if the canary deployment is successful, the new version can be gradually rolled out to the remaining users.

Canary deployment is a flexible and effective method for releasing software updates, as it enables rapid deployment of new features and functionalities while minimizing the risk of downtime or other issues. It is particularly useful for organizations that need to deploy updates to their users quickly and with minimal disruptions.

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