Unleash addon framework

Extend Unleash into your development pipeline through our flexible Addon framework. Choose the events and connect.

Feature flag systems are highly connected to how you deliver software. Unleash is a highly flexible feature management system. With the Addon framework, integrating Unleash into your development process gets even simpler than before.

picture of addons

Generic Webhook

The generic Webhook allows you to post an update for every change to your feature flags. You may format your message using a Mustache template. Also read more in the Unleash webhook documentation.

picture of Unleash webhook

Slack addon

The Slack addon allows Unleash to post updates when a feature flag is updated. This enables you to ensure that the team is kept up to date on enabling the new feature in production – just by posting a simple notification to the team channel on Slack. Find out how to configure in the Unleash Slack addon documentation.picture of Unleash demo slack

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