Unleash 5.9: Advanced RBAC for Feature Flags and more

Note: For self-hosted Unleash deployments only – when planning your 5.9 upgrade, please upgrade to the latest minor release of 5.9.3 or above. This includes a performance improvement in Unleash 5.9 that may result in an unresponsive or slow admin interface. Application SDKs are not expected to be impacted by the issue.


We’ve just released Unleash 5.9! In this release we’ve brought you three new and improved features:

Improved Custom Project Roles and RBAC

We’ve added many more custom project permissions you can use to better control role-based access control for your users and groups. This will improve security and allow you to give only the access needed to each project.



Segment Updates Checks Open Change Requests

Moving or deleting segments is easy, we have features in place to make sure you don’t make any mistakes and notify you if the segment is in use anywhere. Now open change requests are also searched to understand if a segment is being used in them and prevents the deletion and moving of segments that are in use in change requests.

Improved Searching, Filtering, and Pagination

We’ve made it easier to search feature flags, and added the ability to filter by created date, project, segments, state, and tags. This means it will be easier to find flags quickly. We’ve also added in pagination and improved the API behind search making it faster!

That’s it for 5.9. Upgrade today. And remember, badass developers release on Fridays!

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