Unleash 5.8: Private Projects and API Improvements

Unleash 5.8 was released last week. It is a relatively minor release; we added Private Projects for Enterprise and several quality-of-life improvements to our core API. Read on for more.

Private Projects

Version: Unleash Enterprise

Enterprise users now have the option to set a project to ‘private’, which means that people who are not assigned to that project can no longer see this project or its flags. This has been a highly requested option, especially for larger companies and those who manage large amounts of sensitive or confidential data.

This option can also help with the overall Developer Experience; for large teams with many projects, logging in and seeing a list of 500+ projects is overwhelming. By setting projects to ‘private’, you can limit these long lists to the handful of projects you’re working on.

It’s important to note that Editors and Admins can still see all projects, but this will help many organizations comply with security and/or privacy policies and improve the developer experience for organizations with large numbers of projects.

Private Projects

API Improvements

Version: Open Source + Pro + Unleash Enterprise

This release also made many small improvements to our APIs for consistency across the platform. While much of this will make everyone’s lives easier going forward, one noteworthy set of changes was the visibility of who has made changes via the Admin UI.

All operations done through the Admin UI will now have the user’s ID that performed the action added to the events. In addition, all features now have a created_by_user_id fieldset. This is the first step towards better audit functions in Unleash and adds a nice filter for future search improvements (E.g. Show me features created by me (or anyone else))

That’s it for 5.8. Keep on Unleashing!

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