Unleash 5.6: Improvements to User Management and Ecosystem Integrations

Unleash 5.6 is out, and we have several nice improvements to share this month. For user management, it’s now possible to assign multiple roles to users and groups. We also have an export script to help you understand and manage access to your Unleash instance.

As we know, Unleash exists in an ecosystem of tools. This month, we’ve made meaningful improvements to our integrations with Terraform and Datadog.

Finally, we’re very proud to welcome a new contributor to Unleash, Jonas Strømsodd, who created a way to define the initial admin user and password via environment variables.

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Improved Integration: Announcing the Unleash Terraform Provider v1.0

While we’ve been working on this for a while, this month includes a significant milestone we’re happy to share. Our Terraform Provider is now at 1.0 and is ready for widespread use. Thank you to everyone who has been testing and giving feedback along the way!

With version 1.0, we made several additions, including the ability to import resources, configure project access, a way to validate your Unleash instance is supported, and better logs.

We’re also working on our documentation and a training video, which we’ll share soon.

While this isn’t part of Unleash 5.6 – it is a separate package, after all – it does depend on Unleash 5.6.

Improved User Management: Multiple Roles for Users and Groups

With Unleash 5.6, it’s now possible to assign multiple roles to a user or group, addressing some important use cases that many of you have requested.

One such request was to create two different custom roles and assign them to groups that should have both permissions without creating a third custom role with the combined permissions. This will allow you to make more specific roles that can be easily assigned or unassigned to users or groups.

With this change, a user will have permission if they, any of their roles, or any of the groups they belong to have that permission.

Improved User Management: Export Script for Users

With this release, we’ve also included a tool to help with visibility around who can access what in your system. Now, Admin users can get a single overview of all the users in the system for insights to help with user management.

Specifically, Unleash 5.6 allows an Unleash Admin to get a report with:

  • All users in the instance
  • Their last login
  • The projects they belong to, and
  • The projects their groups belong to

This is exported as CSV for easier user management and analysis.

Improved Integration: Datadog JSON Support

Before this version, our Datadog integration only supported string objects, which needed to be parsed in a complex way. With JSON support, responses will be much easier to read into Datadog and use that data to enrich events.

Unleash 5.6 Datadog JSON formatting screen shot

Unleash 5.6 Datadog JSON formatting screenshot

Improved Flexibility: Configurable Initial Username and Password

With 5.6, we also want to celebrate the work of Jonas Strømsodd, who authored a PR that allows us all to define the username and password for the default admin user via environment variables. It defaults to using ‘admin’ and ‘unleash4all’ to be entirely backward compatible. Thank you, Jonas!

Bonus: Easier Invites

Finally, the team heard feedback that it should be easier to invite other users to your Unleash instance. We agreed, so with 5.6, you should find the invite link more visible and easier to find:

Unleash 5.6 Invite Link

Thanks for Unleashing!

That’s it for 5.6. Thanks for reading and for being members of the Unleash community!

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