Unleash 5.10: Security fix, improved change requests, and a new panel for inactive users.


We’ve just released Unleash 5.10! In this release we brought you an important security bug fix, two improved features and one new feature.
One of the things I’m most excited about is that now change requests that have been approved can be scheduled for a delayed application. No more waking up at 6am to click ‘approve’ on the homepage A/B test.  Read on for more details.

Fixed: Permission escalation

Previously, you could add a user to a project with more permissions than the person adding the user. We’ve closed that option so make sure to upgrade to fix this potential security issue.

Improved: Change requests

We’ve improved Unleash change requests. Now you can:

  • Schedule them for some time in the future
  • See the details of the deleted strategy
  • Get notified of potential conflicts within Unleash

Improved: Strategy Configuration

We’ve made the editing strategies simpler and improved the experience for different needs. Users who want a simple configuration don’t need to see all the options before they save or update a strategy.

New: Show and delete inactive users

There’s a new “show inactive users” button on the user list in the admin section that lists all your inactive users. This makes it a lot easier to remove them.
We define an inactive user as inactive for 6 months, with no login action taken through a personal access token during that time.


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