Unleash 5.1: Bulk toggling and improved login

Our 5.1 release is out. It’s not a big one, but there’s some stuff here we think you’ll be happy about.

Bulk Toggle Feature On/Off

First up is a new bulk action: Bulk toggling.


You can now bulk toggle feature flags


Basically you can now enable and disable flags in bulk. This is on top of other bulk actions like archiving, exporting, tagging, and marking at scale. 

How it works is the same as before:

  • Select the flags you’d like to toggle on or off using the check boxes on the left
  • Choose enable or disable in the action box below

The bulk action will use whatever strategies that already apply to the environment. 

If no strategies exist when you bulk enable or disable, the default will apply. Currently this means 100% rollout to your users. 

If your environment has change requests enabled, the request will need to be approved before the bulk action goes live. 


Bulk toggling works with change requests


Better logins and Azure SSO documentation

Otherwise we have a collection of improvements to our SSO and sign-in options, most by user request: 

New warning screen when requesting to disable a password 

Sometimes you might not intend on all the consequences that appear when disabling password-based login. It happens.

You’ll now get a popup in case you need a reminder. 


You'll now get a warning before you deactivate password-based login



We’ve also fixed some bugs users were facing with the password change screen.

Azure AD SSO documentation

Need help setting up Azure AD SSO? It’s now part of our stellar documentation


Azure SSO process with Unleash is now available in our documenation


You can read up on the entire process here.

And that’s it for 5.1! Short, sweet, and full of the things you asked for.

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