Unleash 5.0: Dark mode, new project UI and segments, bulk updates, plus some breaking changes

We use semantic versioning at Unleash, which means a big part of Unleash 5.0 includes a few changes you should be aware of before upgrading.

Breaking changes

Before we jump into some sweet new features, here’s a list of things that break with Unleash 5.0:

  • Any version of node.js that does not include LTS. In other words, Unleash will only work with node.js version 18 and above.
  • Auth with Google SSO. Reason: Google now supports OIDC out of the box. If this breaks for you, let us know.
  • “passord” as the default password for Unleash DB connections. It’s now a more appropriate–and English-friendly–“password”. Production shouldn’t be impacted. This should only affect dev build processes, as well as basic setup.
  • Programs with APIs that depend on the shape of invalid data errors. We’ve changed our error message format, which means the shape has changed.

More about breaking changes can be found in our migration guide.

With that out of the way, it’s time for the good stuff.

Dark mode

Unleash dark mode is live. You’ll find the toggle on the right side of the top navigation.

Unleash dark mode is live

Project specific segments

You can now limit your segments in scope to one specific project.

This means that you can have a better idea of what you impact by making a change to a segment. Us this to track segment changes, plus boost team collaboration.

Read more about segments in our terrific documentation.

New project overview UI

Speaking of projects, you’ll notice the Project Overview UI looks a bit different.

Unleash 5.0 brings a new project overview UI

The top of the UI now includes a nice collection of widgets to give a quick glance of your project’s stats like the average time to production and the number of features created.

Bulk updates

Our initial phase of bulk updates is live.

Quickly bulk archive, export, or tag your feature flags.

Bulk archive, export, or tag feature toggles

You can also bulk revive and delete your feature flags from the project archive.

Bulk delete and revive your feature toggles

Even better change requests

Change requests keep getting better and better:

  • You can now add a comment when submitting a change request.
  • You can also give the change request a more descriptive title than just the number of the request.
Add a comment and change titles with your change requests
  • Usernames are now a part of the change request list and overview.
You can now see user names in the change request list


  • You can also now skip and edit change requests, depending on how your team likes to collaborate.

More on change requests in our stellar documentation.

That’s it for the main features of Unleash 5.0. Read more about everything that’s changed in our release notes.

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