Unleash 4.19: Change requests, visible (and filterable) tags, and last-used API tokens

Developer efficiency meets the four-eyes principle with Unleash’s change request feature, now available for all enterprise users.

Use change requests to group changes and apply them to production, together

Unleash, at its core, is designed to keep your code production simple. We know for many of our users, “simple” has to work in a highly regulated context. 

You may, for example, need at least one approver for code changes, such as with the four eyes principle. The change request feature is designed to give you the flexibility to be as compliant as you need to be.

Note: Change requests are specific to individual projects and environments. This means that for feature flags across projects, you should submit separate change requests in each project.


Change Request

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enable change requests for a specific project and environment  in project settings.
  2. Choose how many approvals are needed before changes can go live.

And that’s really it. 

To set up approvers in specific environments, we’ve added three new permissions: approve change request, apply change request, and skip change request

Simply use these permissions to create a custom project role, and assign that role to the users you’d like to act as approvers for your environment.

A huge bonus to change requests is that the feature allows you to group changes together and apply them to production all at once. The change request overview page adds a layer of transparency for any code changes in your team. 

In other words, change requests can be a boon to your team’s ability to collaborate while keeping the efficiency of feature flags.

Read more about change requests in our thorough and amazing documentation.

Tags just became a lot more useful

A few nice-to-haves have been added to our tags feature.

When you hover your mouse over the word tags next to a feature flag, you’ll now get a tooltip telling you specifically which tags have been used.


You can also now search for tags directly in the feature flags search box.


Pretty cool, right? Read more about what tags can do in our documentation.

Clean up your API tokens with “Last seen”

We’ve added a new column to our API tokens: Last seen.

Api Tokens

With the last seen column, you can sort your API tokens based on how often they’re used. This makes it easier to remove tokens that are no longer valuable to your projects. Read more about API tokens in our documentation.

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