Unleash 4.17 Release Notes

What’s new?

🔐 Personal API Tokens(PATs)

Personal Access Tokens (PATs) are now available as a token for user level access to the Unleash Admin API. They will be allowed to do only what the user has permission to do and will immediately update permissions based on updates to the users’ permissions.


Upcoming features in Beta

There are upcoming new features currently in beta. Reach out if you’d like to get early access to these features:

🔄 SSO Group Syncing

Create and Map Groups from your SSO provider, or you can also manually add them to groups within Unleash. Simply map the SSO group IDs to groups in Unleash to have users added and removed automatically based on the SSO groups.

📥 Invite Others

Now Admins can share an invite link to colleagues to make it easy to add new users to your Unleash instance, with a link expiry of up to 1 month.

🖇️ Cross-Origin Resource Sharing(CORS)

CORS is a Security feature to limit what origins can connect to the Frontend API. This is only useful if you are using the Frontend API in order to limit access to certain domains. By default, this is set to all (“*”) so there is no restriction. 


👥 Clone Environments

Now you can Clone an environment to create a test, duplicate, or temporary environment to use. You can also immediately generate an API token immediately which makes it smooth and easy to use.

📊 Instance Stats

Get data on your Unleash Self-Hosted Instance, downloadable for Self-Hosted through the admin panel. This is useful for managing and viewing usage across your self-hosted Unleash instance on users, flags, projects, and more.

We are always happy to hear from you on the release, and the product! 

Until then, check out what’s coming up.

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