Unleash 4.12 Release Notes

Feature management capabilities have been greatly improved in the latest release 4.12. All the tables across the Admin UI have been unified with new search, sorting options, and filters to keep it consistent and intuitive. This makes it easy to find the information inside a table and helps to use tables more efficiently. The new release also includes a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

What’s new

  • Searching and sorting feature flags now persist across page refreshes and navigation
  • Tag types are now searchable and sortable
  • Strategies are now searchable and sortable
  • Project health metrics are now searchable and sortable
  • Project roles are now searchable and sortable
  • Segments are now searchable and sortable
  • API Tokens table is now searchable and sortable
  • Environments are now searchable
  • The addons table has been improved
  • Status badges have been improved and should now be consistent across the application
  • Huge improvement to the rendering of the flags table when a large number of flags are present

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where strategies with more than 100 characters in their values could not be created
  • Resolved an issue where a flag’s project couldn’t be changed
  • Resolved an issue where addons couldn’t be correctly edited after a previous edit was invalid
  • Resolved an issue where user roles couldn’t be changed on the default project
  • Resolved a few issues with vulnerable dependencies

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