6 reasons why you should consider self-hosted feature management [2023]

Flexibility is a big deal for Unleash. Hosted by us or self-hosted, its important to us that you start with a powerful base, then build it up to meet your company needs.

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While both hosting options offer industry standard privacy and security protections (and then some), there’s a strong case for self-hosted feature management, depending on factors like the regulations you need to follow, or the size of your company

Here are a few reasons why self-hosted feature management might make sense for your team.

There are a lot of reasons why self-hosted just makes sense.

Why go self-hosted?


  • The Unleash server runs within your own private data center. This means no external service can access your critical infrastructure.
  • The use of feature flags on a SaaS platform may also give away some clues to the internal design of your application.


To support the delivery of features using feature flags, such as segmentation and/or gradual rollout, the system must have access to sensitive user data.

For example, to make it easy to address groups of users or even specific users, this data is synced back to the feature flag server. If the server runs in the cloud, this means privacy data is shared outside your control. This can be a big risk with multi-tenant solutions.

With Unleash Enterprise self-hosted, all data always stays within your network.

GDPR/data protection

For some industries, there are legitimate GDPR and privacy concerns regarding the use of cloud-based services. Self-hosted solutions, then, tend to make meeting privacy regulations a lot easier.


You might need to have a good expectation on how much service you’ll be able to provide at any given time. Self-hosting means a third party won’t affect your level of service–another big multi-tenant risk. This is can be especially crucial in scenarios where you need to have a high-level of availability.


By choosing to go self-hosted, your team can set up the exact integrations and workflows that meet your needs. Unleash’s architecture is particularly strong here.

Unleash is designed with an API first strategy. Plus, everything in Unleash is an event, and most of these events are available through the APIs. This makes it easy to integrate Unleash into your own unique use case.


SaaS pricing usually scales upwards with increased usage and volume. Costs may initially be limited but as use increases, both the price and management of the cloud-based system’s monthly active users (MAU) can become significant. In fact, research indicates that a third of cloud services spending is wasted.

When you might want to choose a hosted solution

Self-hosting makes sense for a lot of reasons, but it also means your team takes on more deployment responsibility.  Your team should make sure it has the capacity to take on things like service stability and security maintenance.

If self-hosting is not usually a central part of your business, you also might find it’s better to focus on your core product, and outsource any non-key strategic parts of your business.

Make the jump to self-hosted. It’s easier than you think.


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