Our response to the war in Ukraine

Unleash is united with the innocent people of Ukraine and together with the rest of the international community condemning the horrible act of violence invading an independent country and its people. As horrified witnesses, we have seen Putin’s brutal and unlawful war against Ukraine, a war that will have a deep impact on Europe for generations.


We care deeply about our global community, and many of us have friends and loved ones in Ukraine, Russia or other impacted countries to this awful war. Being a remote-first company, we have employees in Romania and Poland, both close neighbours to the conflict. The terror and violence we are currently witnessing, is devastating to the people of Ukraine. It also brings up feelings of anger, fear and hopelessness in us all, close or distant to the terrible actions on the ground in Ukraine.  As an open source company, we take our global community of developers seriously. We deeply believe in a united community, free to express thoughts, ideas and learnings. A free flow of information through conversations and expressing ideas that is exchanged in a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and included. Our community members are encouraged and expected to show empathy and respect for one another. This is more important than ever. 


As a transparent company, I want to share the steps we are taking to ensure the integrity of our community and our company.


The power of open source is more important than ever. To us open source is about free flow of information, free exchange of learning and knowledge and giving back to your community. Unleash open source community will be open to all developers in the world. We will ensure Code of conduct is followed by all community members, and we will take actions in case we do experience any behaviour that does not comply with respectful and empathic behaviour towards one another. We have not yet experienced such behaviour in our community. If anyone in our community does experience such behaviour, please report it.


As a company, we pay extra attention to our employees, particular those living close to the ongoing war. We also closely monitor the sanctions put in place as a reaction to the war in Ukraine. We will comply with the trade regulations and export controls as they evolve.


Being a small startup company, our financial muscles are limited. Despite this, we have decided to donate $5000 to the Red Cross as a small token of help to the innocent people in Ukraine. We have also decided to offer Unleash Enterprise SaaS free of charge to all charities actively operating and supporting the Ukraine crisis. Although Unleash may not directly contribute to the very important work taking place on the ground, we would like to ensure the charities have access to the best possible developer tooling available. This offer is open as long as the war is going on.


Again – it is important to me to re-state. We believe in an open, safe, inclusive and respectful community. When we witness Putin’s unlawful war in Ukraine, we are filled with feelings such as fear, anger and hopelessness. It is more important than ever to be true to our values, to continue to communicate in a respectful manner, to listen to and share empathy with one another. We are a global community. We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt as it changes. The situation feels hopeless – we hope and pray for a peaceful resolution for the people in Ukraine and all other impacted communities as quickly as absolutely possible.  💙💛

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