Working at Unleash

Whenever I start a new job, I have all these emotions floating around in my head: There’s anxiety (will I be able to fulfill or even exceed expectations?), confusion (what do I need to do? What is my role here? What is feature flag management?), and excitement (I want to help the team, experiment with new solutions, and get better!).

Why did I choose Unleash

I’m the second User Experience Designer on the team. The first Customer Journey and User Experience designer was one of the first 5 employees. This made it clear to me that the customer journey and a user-centric mindset are crucial to Unleash, that Unleash has a healthy mentality, and that the users are at the center of what Unleash does.
It’s a Norwegian company. From my experience, the Nordics have great respect for their employees
I like their values (Trust, Speed, Experimental, Fun, Transparent)

The beginning at Unleash

As a remote job, it was very important to me that I meet the entire team (at least virtually), so when I started, I had scheduled 1-on-1 meetings with everyone. These meetings helped me connect with everyone in the team and made it easier to work closely together and to get comfortable with everyone.

My position at Unleash is as a UX designer, so my job (in addition to many other things 😅) is to talk and listen to customers, understand their challenges with the product, find solutions for them, improve their experience, and solve their problems.
After I started, I dived into the product experience to get to know the product: I started asking why things are done in a specific way, and I came up with suggestions on how to improve things (as every new employee does in a new company). I’m used to getting responses like: “yes we know. Unfortunately that’s not a priority now”, but here the answer was: “ok, let’s do it!”, which made me feel very included right from the beginning.
This was the moment I knew this was the right place for me: A place where things move fast and where any idea or concept can be implemented from one week to the next. This is what every UX designer wants. When solutions are implemented quickly, the users know they are important and that they can trust us to fix their problems and to keep improving the product.

Working at Unleash

  • Working at Unleash is much more rewarding than I could have ever expected. Every week, I get to see how the product evolves and improves as a result of great teamwork. This is only possible because we trust each other and get to experiment with new ideas and solutions. I love it!
  • I’m particularly impressed by how transparent everyone is: All the way from the management team and the sales department through to the development team. This gives me full trust in the team.
  • Even if my job is fully remote, we have at least one meeting with the entire team every week (participation is optional) where we talk about different things: hobbies, pets, and everything else. This is great because it helps the team connect. And over time we have started to talk more as friends than as colleagues.
  • I get new challenges all the time and I have a lot of flexibility in how to solve those problems. This is very important to me because I get to explore outside-the-box solutions without being afraid that they will not be implemented.
  • I can go on and on about how cool it is to work at Unleash (at least I think so :D) and about how many great things happen here, but I’ll stop now: I’m glad that you had the patience to read all these lines. The only thing left to do now is to thank Elise, who helped me become part of this amazing team of smart and talented people known as Unleash!

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