Why Unleash is G2’s top feature management software for Summer 2023


The latest G2 report is out. For the first time ever, Unleash is on top. 

The rating is centered on how usable our product is, plus our relationship with our customers. In other words, you like us a lot, and we’re here for it.

To put the report in context, here’s what you said, organized by the G2 assessment category.

Ease of admin

Context: A lot of our customers like this one use Unleash for feature experimentation. 

For example, check out Total Wine & More’s case study. It’s a great read. 

Ease of use

A quote on Unleash's ease of use per G2

Context: Simplicity and user-centric design are a big deal for us, so we’re really happy that it seems like we’re getting this right. 

Try out our demo to see what Jussi means.

Meets requirements

A quote on how easily Unleash meets requirements per G2

Context: We love that you love flexibility. 

This user is probably talking about our ability to integrate with the vast majority of tech stacks, including SDKs.

Ease of business

User feedback on how easy it is to work with Unleash business wise, per G2

Context: Proactive, well-versed, helpful. Sounds a lot like our documentation

You can also find Etiene’s experience reflected our Slack community.

Quality of support

User feedback on Unleash's support, per G2

Context: It’s a common misconception that open-source means you won’t get much support. 

We care a heck of a lot about your experience with Unleash, so it’s good to see that we’re able to push back against expectations

Plus, you know, guaranteed support comes with our product.

Likely to recommend

Recommendations are Unleash's lifeblood. Thanks for doing it.

Context: Recommendations like this are awesome for spreading the word about Unleash. We just reached 8100 GitHub stars last week.

This is to say: Thank you. It’s really amazing to be on this growth journey with all of you.

Get the full report

This isn’t all you have to say about Unleash, not by a long shot. As of this writing we have over 60 reviews on G2. 

They give a great snapshot of what it’s like to use Unleash. You should read them at your leisure. 

You can find the full G2 report here


Need an easier way to maintain your feature flags? Try out Unleash today.


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