Deploy features at incredible speed

Switch from all-or-nothing releases to safe continuous deployments. Introduce new features to your users the moment your team is ready. Cut down on risk and improve quality control.

All on a flexible, private instance, privacy-first foundation.

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    Total Wine

    "What appealed to us about Unleash was the central control via the Admin Console, as well as the security posture of running the entire infrastructure under our own architecture and standards”

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  • Pitch

    "We really like your design philosophy. It gives us peace of mind, because the end user data doesn’t leave our application context."

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    "By deploying more frequently, the size of each deployment has been drastically reduced and new functionality can be tested early and more gradually thanks to Unleash and feature flags."

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    "Today we use Unleash to enable features across our retail and corporate business. We’re using seven projects to organize our features per team and activation strategies for A/B testing, gradual rollout, specific user IDs, and canary releases."

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#1 Open-Source Feature Flag Management

Rethink what it means to deliver software

Test and try out new features confidently. Gradual rollouts allow you to mitigate risks by enabling new features to 1% of users and then expanding.

Why Unleash?

More deployments, more security. Less overhead, more creativity.

Feature flag Management solution built with privacy, simplicity, and flexibility in mind, Unleash lets developers drive the innovation of your business.

  • Simple and powerful

    Our API-first design means easy access and easy integrations. You’ll find a clean and intuitive user experience, quick to pick up, learn, and collaborate with.

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  • Fast and compliant

    Need some privacy? We’re built that way. Private cloud or self-hosted, multi-region or strictly local, keep tight control of your user data and remain context-aware.

    Choose a plan that fits you best
  • Open source and enterprise-ready

    Tap into the largest feature management open-source community. Fix bugs quickly, learn from each other, and make cool things happen.

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  • Flexible and scalable

    Created for developers. Self-hosted or private cloud, Front-end API or proxy, we’re fluent in a ton of languages and SDKs.

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How it works

Getting started is simple.

Choose the path that makes the most sense for your team. Run Unleash through our SAAS, hybrid, or private cloud offering, or go local using your pro​​vider of choice.

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