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Feature management

Release creativity by making safer releases

Let your team focus on creating, testing and building better: Unleash reduces all the tedious processes, stress and concerns that are wasting their energy and their time.

  • Saves time and reduces stress

    Stop endless sprints for complex releases. Decouple release to production from release to customer with our fit for purpose activation strategies

  • Avoids unforeseen issues

    Release to any size of your population and rollout gradually to test features and identify potential problems early.

  • Target your rollout

    You decide how to roll out new features based geographical region, tenantiID, operating system or any attribute of your choice.

Targeted release

Test new features on any sub-segment of users

Remove deployment pain by deciding which users will get your new feature. Update segments dynamically without any re-deployment to production.

Gradual rollout

Better testing, safer rollouts

Test and try out new features confidently. Mitigate risks and find potential trouble areas early by enabling new features to 1% of users and then expanding it.

A solution for you

Hosted by us or operated by you: your choice. No complex setup or configuration required, with the simplicity and reliability developed over 10+ years.

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