Unleash x Statsig: Analytics and Insights for Every Feature Flag

Unleash and Statsig come together to provide a birds eye view to every feature flag. Use the connector and unlock deep Analytics and Insights with Statsig.


What is Statsig?

Statsig is a modern product observability platform built on experimentation and feature management. Statsig goes beyond measuring events and clicks, and empowers teams to easily see which feature releases drive core business metrics.

What is Unleash?

Unleash is an open-source feature management solution that gives teams full control of how and when they enable new functionality for end users. Unleash lets teams ship code to production in smaller releases whenever they want—increasing developer efficiency and overall speed.

We’re flexible, which means developers like you are able to quickly examine, use, and modify our code to suit your needs. We see this play out when our users around the world download and install Unleash in a huge variety of infrastructure environments every day. We love aspects of our open source like extensibility, and how our users are not bound or dependent on the limitations of our code. A large part of how we get there is data.

When you use Unleash to gradually roll out a feature to your users–or in a canary, or to a smaller group of users in a strategy–it often means you want to collect data through a feature flag. While you report and experiment on the data, you need an element of observability throughout the experiment.

Screenshot that shows Unleash Rollout at 90 percent

An example of Unleash Rollout, showing 90% Rollout success

Statsig Rollout that shows the analytics for the feature toggle in Unleash, rolled out to ninety percent users

Analytics for users under the rollout on Statsig.

With Statsig, every time you add a feature flag in Unleash, you can power it up with data analytics. 

To try out Statsig, just sign up for a Statsig account at http://www.statsig.com/signup. It’s free to sign up and comes with 5 million free events each month.

Analytics on Statsig

How Analytics work on Statsig

It is easy to setup Statsig and pretty easy to use:

After logging in, turn on “impression data” and log the impression event to Statsig using the statsig-unleash-connector. You can now use the connector to log any analytics events like “sign_up” and “purchase” to your Statsig project, and you will be able to see metric lifts on these events across all of your features with impression data. Make sure to read up more about how to use the connector here.

Here’s an example of how the setup looks like to get analytics for a 50% gradual rollout feature flag in Unleash and Statsig:

Test toggle on Unleash with fifty percent rollout

Test flag on Unleash with fifty percent rollout

Unleash Test toggle working in sync with Statsig to share insights into the product.

Unleash Test flag working in sync with Statsig to share insights into the product.

Want to see Statsig in action in connection with Unleash? Join us at the Dev Hangout with Statsig Engineer and Product Manager. Get an overview of the connector and learn how to get the most out of the Statsig-Unleash integration.

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