Get published through Unleash’s Community Content Program

Call for submissions: 

Talking about feature flags is great. But what does it look like in action? What are the challenges you face as a developer, and how did you overcome them?

This is where you come in. Introducing Unleash’s Community Content Program.

We’re looking for knowledgeable users in the Unleash community to highlight in our company blog. Expertise in DevOps, software delivery, or setting up Unleash is a huge plus. 

We know you guys are super smart, and really nailing a great software delivery process is a big deal to you. We also know a lot of you are great writers. We’d love to be a vehicle for posting your thoughts. 

We don’t expect you to write for us for free. We offer a flat rate of $200 USD per submission. There’s no limit on how many blogs you can submit. Just know that we may ask you to refine your submission.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit or pick up a topic from our Community Content Project Board.
  2. Register as a writer by filling out this Google Form. This helps us understand which topics would lean into your strengths. 
  3. Ask to be a part of the Community Content Program on our Slack. After about a week, you’ll receive feedback on your topic suggestion.
  4. Submit a first draft for review according to the guidelines we send.
  5. Send an invoice once your article is live and published.

We know you have some unique and robust ideas that are itching to land on [digital] paper. We can’t wait to see them, and we’re stoked to share your voice with the larger Unleash community.

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