Feature flags – it’s not Build vs Buy, it’s Buy then Build

Here at Unleash we solve the most painful multi-region and multi-tenant feature management concerns of the world’s largest organizations. If you’ve bought anything online, perused social media, flown, on earth and in space, or use a cell phone, you have likely been exposed to Unleash feature flags. 

Unleash was established in December 2014 as an open source project by our CTO Ivar Østhus. He spent the next seven years being promoted at one of Europe’s most innovative companies and Unleash was promoted right along with him.

At Unleash, we do things differently. As developers and builders of the world’s largest feature management solution, with over 12 million downloads and thousands of Unleash instances running across 147 countries, we work with companies like CreditOne, Medidata, Lenovo, Generac, Zain Group and thousands of others to allow developers to create with freedom and release with confidence.

Unleash is context aware, the most secure, the most resilient and the most flexible feature management solution on the market. We often hear our customers say that they went with Unleash because of their ability to bend Unleash to their needs, and not the other way around.  In a competitive landscape – all software development teams need to ensure they are allowed to work and operate in a way that is most optimal for them – not forced into a standardized way-of-working forced upon them by the tooling in use – hence we coined the term Buy then Build. Why not have the best of both? Have the ability to configure any type of flag you could imagine? No more hearing it’s on the road map, just deploy your new features supported by our context aware advanced segmentation. Our customer success team works alongside our enterprise customers to help evangelize Unleash and it grows organically with all the impact Unleash provides to our customers top and bottom line.

Recently named by VentureBeat as one of 30 startups that show how open source ate the world in 2021. Open source plays a larger and larger role in today’s technology landscape. Key reasons include things like the data sovereignty and digital autonomy we provide to enterprises. Whether it is Europe’s GDPR or California’s CCPA, Unleash doesn’t expose any PII (Personal Identifiable Information) or sensitive information and doesn’t need to anonymize it. The Unleash architecture also allows us to host in any region with any cloud provider. So companies like Starmind have switched to Unleash because of the security we provide around Schrems II and GDPR. 

Drop the vendor lock in and feel the freedom that it is to be unleashed with Unleash. Check out our website, www.getunleash.io and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or download our free product on GitHub to get started.

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