20 Million Docker Pulls for Unleash

Unleash has just hit a remarkable milestone – 20 million Docker pulls!

This journey has been incredible, and it’s all possible because of our amazing community of users and contributors, many of whom have been with us since 2014. To each and every one of you, a heartfelt THANK YOU!

When Ivar Østhus, our CTO and Co-Founder started building Unleash, he knew he needed to help the team to ship, experiment and reduce risk. And, it worked – his teams went from deploying to production 4 times per year to deploying more than 2,000 times per week. He suspected the tool could be useful for others, and it’s been incredible to see the community grow with the project. And that brings us to today, where we’re celebrating over 20 million Docker pulls, made possible by our fantastic community. Your contributions, involvement, and word-of-mouth sharing have brought us to this amazing milestone!

Unleash GitHub Project

Unleash GitHub Project today.

Our community is the heart of this project. Your passion, feedback, and collaboration have fueled our determination to make these tools better with every release. We’ve listened to your ideas, tackled bugs together, and celebrated each milestone hand-in-hand. This 20 million Docker pulls milestone is not ours; it’s a testament to our community.

Best of all, though, is that we’re just getting started.  We are increasing our velocity as well and are excited to share a stream of improvements and integrations with you over the coming months. 

Looking forward, I invite all of you to stay connected with us through our X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and GitHub repositories. Keep your ideas and feedback coming and join us on Slack!

Unleash Celebrating 20 Million Pulls on Docker

Unleash Celebrating 20 Million Pulls on Docker with a giveaway on their Slack community and X!

Once again, a massive thank you to each and every one of you! We are hosting a giveaway toast to 20 million Docker pulls and beyond! Participate on X or our Slack.

Cheers, and let’s keep the excitement rolling!


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