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Friends don't let friends build their own feature flag system.

Unleash Feature Management was built with large enterprises in mind so you don't have to build a feature flag platform yourself. We are open source, private, secure, and ready for the most complex setups out of the box.

Trusted by developers at global enterprises

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Unleash ranked as top Feature Management Software on G2

We serve the needs of some of the largest and most security-conscious organizations in the world, but we were also rated the “Easiest Feature Management system to use” by G2.

Why you shouldn’t wait to implement an Enterprise Feature Management Platform

Downtime risk

Flaky features cause downtime. On average, application downtime costs organizations $400,000 per hour, and more than half of organizations face unexpected downtime every two months.

Reduced Innovation

When developers are forced to use tools and processes they hate, like infrequent high-stakes releases based on complex branching strategies, innovation is reduced by 50%.

Home-grown solutions don’t scale

Many organizations attempt to solve downtime risk and reduced innovation by building a feature flag solution in-house, but often, features and UX are lacking, the maintenance burden is high, and reliability is low. Under such circumstances, release velocity suffers, and the best talent starts to look elsewhere.

Why enterprises choose Unleash Feature Management

Unleash gives developers tools to be efficient and love their jobs, while enterprises get market-leading data governance, security, and compliance controls.

  • Developers Unleash

    Open-source. Play around as much as you’d like.

    Built by devs for devs with intuitive DevEx.

    Includes all feature flags capabilities you’d expect. And many you don’t.

  • Enterprises Unleash

    RBAC, audit, change requests.

    No data leaves your environment.

    Supports Air-gapped and Fed Ramp requirements.

What problems are enterprises solving with Unleash?

Explore features like rollout strategies, instant rollback, and kill switches 

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Hosted, or self-hosted: it’s your call. It’s quick and easy to set up. Get started in 2 steps with the functionality you need to gain complete control over your software releases.

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Why the largest enterprises in the world choose Unleash

As VP of Sales at Unleash, I’ve had the honor of engaging with Fortune 500 enterprises that are adopting the DevOps mindset so they can outcompete their large established peers and an increasing number of smaller but more nimble upstarts. It’s a red ocean out there, and the most forward-looking organizations realize that feature management […]