🚀 Unleash brings powerful Constraints feature to OSS users. 

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More deployments, more security. Less overhead, more creativity.

More deployments, more security. Less overhead, more creativity.
Unleash simplifies your code deployment through the world’s largest open-source feature management solution. Developer-first, clean UI, built with privacy in mind.

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Deploy at ludicrous speed

Switch from all-or-nothing releases to safe continuous deployments. Introduce new features the moment they are ready. Cut down on risk and improve quality control. All on a privacy-first foundation.

  • Personalized

    Created for developers, Unleash will be whatever you want it to be. Self-hosted or SAAS, Front-end API or proxy, we’re fluent in a ton of languages and SDKs.

  • Open source

    Tap into the largest feature management open source community. Fix bugs quickly, learn from each other, and make cool things happen.

  • Privacy by design

    Need some privacy? We’re built that way. Keep tight control of your user data and remain context aware through local evaluations and self-hosted solutions.

Getting started

How it works

Get started immediately integrating feature flags into your application.

Step 1

Start Unleash

Image showing an example of targeting group of users with features and toggle for turning on/off features

Choose the path that makes the most sense for your team. Run Unleash through our SAAS, hybrid, or private cloud offering, or go local using your pro​​vider of choice.

Step 2

Connect to your favorite SDK

Import your preferred SDK into your project. Quickly set up your SDK using our world-class documentation.

Step 3

Make a feature toggle

Build your code and strategize the environments you want your feature to live in. Then just turn it on.

Step 4


Gradual rollout, canary deployment, A/B testing, or simple deployments: Deploy features with full control of who interacts with your new features, when.


What’s your favorite SDK? There’s a good chance we’re compatible.

Through an official SDKS or through one of our community builds, develop your code in the context that fits you best. Or you could just build your own. We’re flexible.

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Pick a plan.

Hosted, or self-hosted: it’s your call. It’s quick and easy to set up. Get started in 2 steps with the functionality you need to improve your software delivery workflow.