Open source, open to oversight and open to your needs

Uniquely equipped feature management to meet the needs of our enterprise customers at scale with the ability to access and modify the source code, to have greater control over the solution and its features.

  • A growing community with over 17 million downloads

    There’s safety in numbers, especially when we’re talking numbers like this. Millions of users who not only downloaded but reviewed and helped build our open-source software, making it sturdy and incredibly robust.

  • Pricing that’s as transparent as we are

    Choose the plan that fits your needs: our simple pricing model by seatis free from hidden charges, strings, and hassle.

  • We’re not here to lock you in

    We’re here to unleash your developers and let your business soar, not to drag you down with lock-in contracts and fine print.

  • Committed to keeping our roadmap public

    We share what we commit to, what we deliver, and what we don't. And if you’re coming with us, you’ll always have a say on where we’re headed.

Open Source

You can always fall back to our open-source offering

If you’re unhappy or in a tight spot, you can switch to the open-source version of our product - with no fees or surprises.

Privacy over profit

No data required means no data to sell

Being serious about privacy means the only money we make from you comes from your chosen plan. We don’t collect any sensitive data to sell or share - and we’ll keep it that way.

Smaller switch costs

Try before you buy

We have an open-source and free feature management solution that you can start out with. And our lack of lock-in contracts means that even if you do start out with a paid plan, switching vendors won’t incur any prohibitive costs.

It's your choice.

Hosted by us or operated by you: your choice. No complex setup or configuration required, with the simplicity and reliability developed over 10+ years.

Our blog

Open Product and Culture


How we work with our company culture

When we started Unleash, one of the first areas I and my co-founder started to think about was what kind of culture we wanted for our company. Although not obvious for a small team of 4 people, we decided to spend time working with developing our culture towards a fantastic company that we would be […]