Speed up your production releases, simply

Feature flags will help your company remove the pressure that comes with traditional software releases and accelerate the launching of new products and features.

  • Feature management that makes it easy

    Get an easy, intuitive overview of all feature flags across all your environments, applications, and services to keep your flags under control.

  • Simplify your software releases

    Feature flags make it easy to activate and test how your code works with real production data without the fear that you'll accidentally break your users' experience.

  • Experiment with software more freely

    You get to control who sees your features and when: this freedom to test and learn will let you release faster, safer, and more often.

  • Simple to adapt to your use case

    We give you a choice of 20 single sign-on options out of the box. But even if our choice doesn't fit your authentication process, it takes less than 20 lines of code to create a custom solution.

Quick setup

Easy way to start with feature flags

Unleash is available as a hosted service that you can use out of the box. Get started immediately integrating feature flags into your application.

API and SDKs

Any language, any framework

The API and client SDK libraries are easy and fast for developers to use, with 12 official and 10+ community SDKs for most of the major programming languages like Java, Node.js, Go,.Net, and others. Configure the client easily and just the way you want it.

Easy to use UI

All your feature flags in one place.

One simple Admin dashboard to turn the feature flags on and off. The intuitive dashboard lets you manage and organize all feature flags for all web apps, applications, and environments.

Let's talk.

We'll help you find the right plan and pricing for your business to easily get started with feature management.

Our blog

Simplify your releases

A decorative image showing three environment names: default, dev, and prod.

Simplify rollout management with the new environments feature

Rollout management can be hard to get right. Managing the rollout of new features across different environments is even harder. When you have multiple environments, each with their own rollout strategies, things get messy quickly. Luckily, Unleash has a new feature to help make this easier for you! This post covers the new environments feature […]