Security & Performance

Segmentation that doesn’t put your users at risk

Unleash lets your developers get creative without playing fast and loose with your users’ privacy. Everything we do, and everything you’ll do, will be safety-centered: giving the sensitive data the protection it deserves and respecting the strictest safety guidelines.

  • The safest segmentation possible

    We never need access to any of your end-user data, because everything we do is context-aware. So you can test and target without needing to store or process sensitive private data from your users or their devices.

  • GDPR: Keep playing by the rules

    We treat users’ data the way we want our own data to be treated. So even as the rules change, we keep you safe from regulators: Unleash is GDPR and Schrem II compliant.

  • SOC 2 compliant and certified

    Develop, test, and implement features at your own pace, while keeping everything above board. Our treatment of data means you’ll stay on the safe side of SOC 2 auditing.

  • Privacy is in our DNA

    Unleash was born in the cozy atmosphere of the Nordic countries and we take data respect and user privacy really seriously over here. It’s at the core of our being, and at the core of our product.


When you’re running Unleash, Unleash keeps you running

We don’t depend on anybody else so our product is more resilient. Plus, if you self-host or use our Proxy, you won’t even have to depend on our cloud to keep working.

Private instance

Unwavering user safety

Connect to all your users via private IP addresses, and deploy our software development toolkit (or SDK) without needing access to any Personal Identifiable Information.


Keep your users close and their data closer

You’re free to host Unleash from anywhere in the world. Meaning anywhere you’re operating from, you can move features without moving user data.


Segment, target, and test at will - all while keeping your users safe.

With Unleash, you don’t need to store or process sensitive private data from your users or their devices. That’s because everything we do is context-aware, giving you more freedom and your customers more safety.

Privacy first

There are some things we don’t play around with

While we’re all in favor of letting creativity loose and removing tedious release processes so that you can build freely, we do take privacy and user safety seriously. This isn’t an afterthought for us: privacy is one of our cornerstones.

Release securely now

Hosted, or self-hosted: it’s your call. It’s quick and easy to set up. Get started in 2 steps with the functionality you need to improve your software delivery workflow.

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