The New Year Unleash Community Party is Postponed

Thank you for checking out the event. Unfortunately, we need to postpone the event for the time being. We are looking at a date to reschedule and will keep you posted.

  • Meet the team behind Unleash

    Come meet us where we work online! We’ll be meeting in our office Gather space - a virtual environment that we use to hold ad-hoc conversations and small meetings.

  • Learning together, Unconference style

    Suggest topics you’d like to discuss and share your thoughts, insights, and stories with others.

  • Friendly Games

    We’ll have some friendly competition along with laughter and joy. Plus, we’ll have Unleash merchandise for winners.

  • Short, practical presentations

    We’re still working on the list, but Ivar Conradi Østhus, CTO and Creator of Unleash, has volunteered to share How Unleash uses Unleash