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Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, uses Unleash to reduce risk of releasing new features

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Did you know that Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company already uses the Unleash Enterprise feature management platform? Leveraging Unleash for your team couldn’t be easier.

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Why Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company, loves Unleash

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    Our Mission

    Unleash is on a mission to make life easier for developers while enabling enterprises to increase their software release velocity without reducing security, compliance, or data governance.

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    Decoupling Code Deployments from Feature Releases

    By decoupling code deployments from feature releases, Unleash saves developers from merge conflict hell, long testing cycles that can never uncover all potential edge cases, and lack of insights into how users interact with new features.

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    Auditing and Productivity

    Enterprises can easily audit “who releases what, when, and to whom” without getting in the way of developer productivity.

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    Real-Time Feedback and Instant Rollbacks

    Developers can get real-time feedback on how new features are performing with testing happening in the best possible way, with a limited set of real users and data. If anything goes wrong, rollbacks happen instantly with the click of a button.

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    Flexible Architecture

    Coupled with Unleash's flexible architecture that can run entirely within a customer's data center or cloud, Unleash provides the best of both worlds: intuitive tools that both the development and security/compliance teams love.

Reduce risk associated with releasing new features

Easily configure which feature flags are enabled for which users. Unleash has built-in default strategies like Progress Rollout that make getting started easy. Custom constraints allow targeting feature rollouts based on any attribute you can imagine like geo, customer type, or arbitrary telemetry.

Drive innovation by streamlining software releases

Unleash Signals enable you to take in telemetry from any system capable of emitting JSON metrics. Unleash Actions allow you to take those signals and automatically adjust rollout strategies, initiate rollbacks, or enable kill switches.

Increase revenue by optimizing user experience

Create experiment variants that decide which users get access to which version of an experiment. Variants facilitate A/B testing and experimentation by letting you create controlled and measurable experiments.

Improve security and compliance by protecting data

Run Unleash as a self-hosted service in your data center, or let us host it as a single-tenant private instance. In either case, no end-user data ever leaves your environment.

Why Unleash

What use cases does Unleash support?

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    Progressive Rollouts

    Test with a targeted group of users before going live everywhere to eliminate the risk of rolling out new features.

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    Instantly roll back misbehaving features to eliminate downtime and improve user experience.

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    A/B/n Testing

    Make data-driven decisions on which features are driving the right behaviors.

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    Kill Switches

    Easily implement operational flags like Kill Switches so that you can instantly respond in break-glass scenarios.

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    Trunk-based development

    Move away from high-stakes all-or-nothing releases.

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    Fed Ramp, SOC 2, ISO 27001 + Air-gapped environments

    Meet the strictest security and compliance requirements with Unleash’s self-hosting, strict change controls, and audit logs.

Unleash ranked as top Feature Management Software on G2

We serve the needs of some of the largest and most security-conscious organizations in the world, but we were also rated the “Easiest Feature Management system to use” by G2.

Any questions?


Yes, Unleash is available as a free open-source download. Unleash has been downloaded more than 20 million times and has over 10,000 stars on Github

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Yes, you can run Unleash as an on-prem solution.  We even support air-gapped environments.  With our Privacy by Design approach, your user data never leaves your environment, making it much easier to meet security and compliance requirements.

In addition to being Open-source, Unleash can be used in our cloud as a private hosted instance or as a self-hosted solution easily enabling Fed Ramp or Air-Gapped use cases. You can read more about Launch Darkly vs. Unleash on our website.

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