Future-proof engineering: How Visma learned to love continuous development

Mili Orucevic

Metrics shape how your company performs, but they don't mean much unless your entire team is involved. Learn how Visma evolved its engineering culture to embrace continuous development and discover what it really means to be "future-proof."

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  • Mili Orucevic

    Mili Orucevic

    Chief Software Quality Engineer at Visma. Mili is a technology leader, passionate about software engineering and leadership.


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Sooner or later, everything we know and do today will end and become obsolete. Accepting this reality is great, embracing it is even better. As R.E.M. says, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”In this webinar, we will take a look at the evolution of Visma’s engineering practices, drawing on Mili’s personal experiences. Mili will delve into how specific metrics have shaped Visma’s overall organizational performance. He’ll also talk about how that performance influenced Visma’s software engineering and testing practices. Throughout Mili will highlight the importance of involving the entire team in these processes, as well as the need for continuous development and adaptation in order to effectively meet future challenges.

About Mili Orucevic

Mili is a Chief Software Quality Engineer at Visma. He’s a technology leader, passionate about software engineering and leadership. He helps companies and teams move towards modern software engineering by applying capabilities to improve software delivery performance, adopting a DevOps mindset, pushing continuous delivery, improving technical debt management, and utilizing the power of public cloud platforms. Today, over 100 Visma services are being developed using this way of working.

About Visma

Visma develops and delivers software to small businesses, medium and large enterprises, and the public sector – improving the work-life of millions of people around the world. Their software simplifies and automates complex and manual work processes, empowering people’s everyday lives.

Visma is a collection of entrepreneurial companies, each with their own start-up mentality, personality, and leadership. All Visma’s 170 companies have business autonomy and go-to-market freedom – a key ingredient to their growth.

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