From the bottom up: Transforming Medidata with DevOps and simplicity

Erik Johs took on integrating DevOps culture into a huge organization using a bottom-up approach. Join us in December to hear about his journey, his learnings, and how he made a close friend along the way.

Our guests

Meet the heroes behind Medidata's DevOps adoption

  • Erik Johs

    Senior Director of Software Engineering at Medidata

  • Elise Stanley Brevald

    Head of UX, Customer Experience & Insights at Unleash


What to expect


Erik Johs not only helped transform what it means to deliver software at Medidata, but used the opportunity to develop a new way of working. This is his story.

Medidata is a US technology firm which develops SaaS products for clinical trials. Beginning with 150 developers, the company now has its sights on bringing in over 1000 developers into its new approach to developing software.

Joining Erik will be Unleash’s Elise Stanley Brevald, who partnered with Erik early on to collaborate Medidata’s business transformation.

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