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From 4 releases a year to 1 every other minute

Find out how Norway’s largest public agency transformed their software development process, their way of organizing work, and how they embraced continuous improvement along the way.

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Meet the drivers behind NAV’s push to embrace feature flags

  • Audun Fauchald Strand

    Principal Software Engineer at NAV

  • Truls Jørgensen

    Principal Engineer at NAV


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Our speakers take you through the transformation of NAV, Norway’s biggest governmental agency, responsible for a third of the federal budget.

Five years ago, NAV had no internal developers and brought four releases a year to production. Today NAV counts 300 internal developers who deploy to production every other minute. NAV believes they did something right, with some learnings along the way.

This is a story of NAVs journey into modernizing its approach to software development.

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