Unique Architecture

Test, try & build anything you can imagine

Abstract image showing slide puzzle meaning flexibility of the platform

Every developer team is different, and the large out-of-box platforms usually doesn’t fit right into your needs. Unleash is made to be high flexible and adaptable. Unleash will adapt to you and your needs as opposed to the other way around.

  • Fits into place

    Adapt Unleash to your CI/CD process - and not your process to Unleash. Integrates into any system through extensive APIs

  • Flexible service

    Every team has different requirements. Chose the service that works for you, whether it is SaaS, running in your private cloud or operated as self-hosted by you

  • Ensure consistent behavior

    Our SDKs is implemented to ensure consistent behavior across your user population.


Made to be resilient

Circle and square presented in an abstract way for illustrating resilient and transparent feature flag management platform

Our unique architecture prevents disruptions. The design of the Unleash SDKs that keep locall backups allows for multiple fall-back mechanisms to prevent issues in case of any network disruption.

API first

Everything is an API

Circle and two squares illustrating adaptive capabilities of unleash feature management tool

Our API first design is truly unique and allows Unleash to fit into place. Ensure to adapt Unleash to your processes - and not your processes to Unleash

Our unique architecture


Where versatility meets creativity

Use Unleash with any language and any framework. There are 15 official client-side and server-side SDKs and 15+ community SDKs available.

A solution for you

Hosted by us or operated by you: your choice. No complex setup or configuration required, with the simplicity developed over 10+ years.


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